Sunday, October 10, 2010

PixelHunters Work

Hi Everyone,
    So here is an illustration work that I did a couple of months back for I was not really happy the way it turned out. The anatomy came out messed up on the girl, and the face came out messed up on the male :P


  1. hey Mehran
    I like how the woman turned out this time. She is more feminine than the last one. And that's what most of the feed back was about last time :) And for the guy I liked the previous one. The nose seemes a bit off on this one.

  2. well that's what bad back gives you...exhausted myself a bit too much I guess..but I learned a lot from these it's not all bad!!

  3. well the client was happy :) i'll show you the 3d versions :) when i can :P~