Saturday, September 25, 2010

Queen Menaar Reboot!!!

So I Finally got around to start re-working Menaar. Hopefully there will be a weekly update to this too. What you see above is basically a mock up of the changes I am planning. the electricity and, slightly different hair are some of the biggest changes. But Since I am probably going to be repainting all of her, the final version will look very different from what I had earlier on, you can see the original version here here



  1. that's a nice update, so you would be working on the same color palette...

  2. Glad you decided to re-work this piece. I was hoping you would. So I am curious, how did you come up with the name?

  3. @amin: "menaar" is the urdu word which you know of, and I thought of the name long before I did this sketch.
    The name came to mind cuz it sound similar to the ,rather ordinary, Urdu name meena. And I have never seen anyone of that name before , but I do think you could give a person that name...if she is tall and willowy like menaar here

  4. but u came up with this name after reading minas tirith and minas morgul in silmarilion! i remember!
    and come to think of it! i like this one more than the other one!

  5. nice , looks like Vega's sis :)