Monday, September 6, 2010

Castle WIP

So here goes my first post.

I'm gonna start off by sharing a WIP. Its this personal piece I Just started working on. The objective is to familiarize myself better with Maya and Mental Ray as I have decided to move from 3ds max + Vray to Maya + Mental Ray. And the reason behind that is purely based on my current position at PixelHunters. The artists that I work with are Maya based so it'll work out better for me as a team member. Its not because one is better than the other or anything :P

This image is inspired and based on

Japanese Fort by ~lordbaells

There is a lot I want to change and add here, so hopefully the final image will look a lot different. Will update once I get some time to work on this. Have a really cool project coming up soon at work :) Which is going to take most of my time. And then I have to set up my new apartment too. Has a really nice view :D i'll share some pics later on aswell.

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